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We are a full spectrum digital capabilities agency evolved from a SEO-only focus. We handle marketing and technology so our clients can focus on product and service development.

Best Digital Marketing Agency in India

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As the best digital marketing agency in India, we specialize in increasing brand exposure, interest, consideration, and sales. Our focused efforts are centered on producing a world-class customer experience that has been thoughtfully created to resonate with your target demographic. We convert casual consumers into enthusiastic brand champions through personalized touchpoints, customer-centric websites, and engaging social media campaigns. Our dedication goes beyond simply fulfilling expectations; we provide a great online experience that captivates and educates. Join us on a transforming journey to create unprecedented success and consumer loyalty for your company.

Business Challenges

  • Drive awareness, interest, consideration & Sales

    We help your brand create awareness, drive online traffic to build interest and generate sales to meet your business goals. As one of the best digital marketing agency in India, we use planned campaigns and cutting-edge strategies to increase brand awareness, engage your audience, and generate conversions. Our committed staff delivers great results, allowing your company to succeed in the competitive internet market. Join forces with us for unrivaled digital marketing skills and results.

  • Building a World-class Customer Experience

    We create a seamless and personalized experience for customers at every touchpoint with a commitment to continuous improvement. We follow a few strategies like understanding your end user/ customer, Creating a customer-centric website, personalizing their experience, and using social media / digital channels to engage with your audience.

  • Transform Customers to Brand & Business Advocates

    We help your business transform into a Brand and create a positive online customer experience that goes beyond just meeting their expectations. As one of the best digital marketing agency in India, we are committed to elevating your brand and ensuring a positive online customer experience.

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What Makes Us Better


Our commitment for our clients’ success is the foundation of the great journeys we endeavor with and for them. This unmatched level of commitment stems from our core values of putting your business goals first and foremost.


Stagnation is the biggest sin in business. We improve our capabilities to ensure your business stays ahead of the curve. To be the best, you need to have the best digital agency working by your side.


Communication is a key component of everything we do. We focus on 100% transparency, fast responsiveness, assertive and helpful mindset in communication.


Priyanka Girdonia


Founder | ISB Alumnus | Digital Growth Hacker | Turnaround specialist

Priyanka is a Management Graduate with 16+ years of experience in Marketing | Specialist in Digital Marketing solutions like Digital Strategies, Conversion Rate Optimisation etc. A digital-growth partner, she helps both start-ups and established companies hyperscale and create branding using digital creativity and performance.


Our Passion Is Helping Clients Succeed

With E Giraffes, you get the best of both worlds. Cost-effective agency with in-house team capabilities, aligned with your goals and vision.



We strive to be the best digital marketing agency in India.

Best Digital marketing agency in India

Our goal in India’s digital ecosystem is unbounded quality. As a creative and cooperative team, we develop and adapt to give our clients unrivaled results. When you collaborate with us, you’ll be working with a creative firm committed to revolutionizing your online presence and ensuring the success of your company in the rapidly evolving online market.

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